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PAPER – We Finally Know What Glossier Play Is

After weeks of hinting and teasing, Glossier has launched its ultra mysterious brand, Glossier Play, and we finally know what it's all about.

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ALLURE – How Motivational Instagram Accounts Are Changing My Relationship With Social Media

Combatting my social media anxiety became so much easier upon discovering a treasure trove of inspirational accounts on Instagram. And I'm not alone in finding solace in these encouraging feeds.

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GQ – Last Week Was a Big Win for Bright Suits

One small swerve for man, one giant leap for menswear.


Meet Donté Colley, the inspirational Canadian Instagram dancer who's spreading positivity online

15 minutes


Donté Colley's Instagram Videos Aim To Spread Joy

2 minutes

Breaking Beauty

Ep. 58 #TheGlowDown SXSW Beauty, Glossier Play + Insta Star Donte Colley

84 minutes

Family Dinner

Zach & Forki have known Donté Colley for quite a while, even dating back to Donté hosting Zach's birthday last year. It was a pleasure to welcome him as our guest for the fifth episode of Family Dinner to dip deep into his values and talk about what really matters to him.

51 minutes
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